Why Cork?

Here at Bali Mats, we consider Cork to be a gift given to us from nature. This renewable resource is given to us from the bark of Cork Oak Trees, usually cracked off the base of the tree. This natural bark-like piece of the tree can only be harvested in the two summer months of June and July throughout Mediterranean regions. While it takes 9 years to fully grow back, these Cork Oak Trees live to be anywhere between 150-250 years old allowing them to be harvested once a decade while still thriving. In fact, this sacred harvesting technique has been used for thousands of years as it has been proved that it does not harm the tree whatsoever. Cork is truly a magical yet sustainable material resource.

Natural Sponges 

Since the bark is harvested from the Oak Tree rather than being cut down, the tree is able to continue it's lifespan even after the harvest season. When the tree is without bark, it is able to act as a sponge pulling out CO2 from the atmosphere and producing more oxygen. 

Zero waste

Every piece of the cork harvested can be used. When making a mat, shaping the cork into a square creates a lot of cork dust which is vacuumed up and can be burned as biomass electricity to power different factories and even homes. It comes straight from nature so it is obviously biodegradable.

Reliable resource

Cork has seen unprecedented popularity these past three years as it becomes a go-to for yogis looking to practice yoga on secure surface. Cork is extremely grippy to the surface, lightweight, and antimicrobial. Cork is also hypoallergenic, organic, and anti-static. Sweat is no issue with the extra grip on the bottom. 


Cork has a plethora of different positive features all while being eco-friendly and extremely sustainable. Due to the close knit molecular structure of the bark, Cork will resist mildew and mold allowing for a long lasting and healthier mat. Since cork has antimicrobial characteristics, it is practically a self-sufficient material that cleans itself from bacteria or any other danger that could be on the floor. It's anti-static properties keep away pet hair, dust, and water. In the wild, the bark is said to repel insects and any potential predators away from the tree. Cork's cellular structure allows it to store and insulate heat or coldness.

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